CRM-ERP INTEGRATIONS: Marketing Automation

Boost leads acquisition and nurturing with Odoo’s marketing apps: Email Marketing, Events, URL trackers, landing pages, etc.


Email Marketing

It allows users to send email to contacts in bulk. Common features include: Built in Email templates, social media integration, Subscriber list management, sign up forms, success rate reports, AB testing and auto-responders.

Campaign Management

Optimizes the process for organizations to develop and deploy multiple-channel marketing campaigns to target groups or individuals and track the effect of those campaigns, by customer segment, over time.

Lead Management

Allows users to manage and track leads though a process. The lead process typically involves steps such as: 1. Lead Generation, 2. Customer Inquiry, Inquiry Capture, Lead Filtering, Lead Grading, Lead Distribution and Lead Qualification.

Marketing ROI Analytics

Enables analysis of effectiveness of an organizations various marketing activities