The most user-friendly e-banking software on the market

KB-WALLET is the new generation customers working like a mini-bank eliminating the risks of carrying cash, allowing the customers to keep their money safe, transfer funds, receive earnings, and pay bills effortlessly as well as budget more effectively.

With adjustable screen to any type of device, KB-Wallet ensures a perfect layout and functionality for not only the end-users but also the administrator, making it the most user-friendly e-banking software on the market.


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Crypto currency desk

White-label banking software

Digital money

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Our banking wallet enables users to make payments and transfers, use multiple wallets and conduct transactions between them, ensuring the most efficient client outreach and establishing new revenue streams.


Using Blockchain implementations enables citizens to use their ID cards to  order medical prescriptions, vote, bank, apply for benefits,  register their businesses, pay taxes    and access to other digital     services; all that with applicants’ database issued, managed and verified by the government.


KB Health Wallet allows users to keep all of their medical card information in one location and secure their data. They  keep track of health costs, their health condition and appointments, accessible only by user’s device at all times. Furthermore, users can make healthcare payments directly from their cell phone and allow healthcare providers to capture the medical data related to every patient visit.


With KB-Wallet users can pay their daily expenses like meals, books, shopping, utilities and mobile phone bills, insurance premiums, flight tickets, hotel bookings, taxi rides and more without stepping out of your home or standing in a queue.


KB Education Wallet is a more streamlined way for teachers, students, parents, schools and universities to get the resources they need to minimize paper use, to access diplomas stored on the wallet, school schedules, programs, government grants, and purchase educational goods and services.

Places of Use


Utility bill payment


Mobile recharge


DTH recharge


Online grocery stores


Online travel portal


E-commerce portal