KB-WALLET Features and Advantages

KB-WALLET Features and Advantages

One of the fabulous features that our software has is that all of the users can verify all of their transactions in the control panel.  They  can  also  make  transfers  between  users  and internationally if the system is connected to a central banking system network.

                      Our Features

  • Instant exchange
  • Fiat currency
  • Dedicated Server
  • Fast Transactions
  • Universal access
  • Asset digitalization
  • Unlimited Accounts, wallets, and IBAN accounts
  • Security  Access,  secured and encrypted personal information and transactions

                   Our Advantages

  • Ease of use: Withdraw, deposit or
  • Transfer value using your smartphone.
  • No signature required.
  • Online orders and Immediate payment.
  • Flexibility; Use API to create flexibility with different ranges of customers.
  • Optional Digital Currency Features.
  • Suitable for a large targeted groups.
  • Safety and control.
  • Possibility to offer your users multiple cards, wallets or your IBAN accounts.
  • Keep track of all your users’ data.
  • Accessibility and convenience.