KB Trade-Safe

KB Trade-Safe software safeguards the buyer’s funds in trust in a transaction involving two or more parties such as buyers and sellers. It allows wholesale trading platforms and marketplace owners to manage multiple orders at different and also international suppliers with multiple currencies in one convenient back office. The unique KB Trade-Safe software guarantees the highest-possible safety and B2B buyer protection also at international suppliers.

What we offer

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VPN encryption

SSL securities

Anonymous IP address
Secured on blockchain
Anti-fraud software

Our Solution: Blockchain

Blockchain technology has already completely revolutionized the digital finance industry. Many new investors are looking beyond stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to place their money, which uses special algorithms to verify all transactions around the globe.

But blockchain is good for more than just financial exchanges and CFD trading. It can be paired with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve cyber security at both the individual and enterprise levels. This kind of protection does not require any central authorities to manage credentials.

For example, running your communication systems through a machine learning algorithm can help you quickly identify and block potential spear phishing attacks. The algorithm learns normal behavior over time and then be able to analyze changes automatically and flag risks as they occur.